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Debonair Corporate Events

We pride ourselves on putting you first, our secret sauce is...we listen. We understand when you make the decision to invest in creating an experience you want a team that listens and takes pride in the results they produce. We are event professionals that create unique brand experiences and design events for all to be their authentic self. We believe in centering our similarities in all our work. We will support you with event management, planning, designing, and executing your events and enhance your ROE and ROI.

The Debonair Difference

For us, at Debonair Corporate Events it’s all about connecting authentically with you. Together we will embark on creating a unique brand experience where everyone can be exactly who they are. We do this by developing a deep understanding of our audience and designing an environment that speaks to them. Our event experts ensure a thoughtful and strategic event resulting in increased revenue, smooth event execution, and unparalleled content.

Dwayne Rutherford

Founder & Managing Director

When you know, you know. Dwayne Rutherford has been gathering people since his high school years and has acquired the knack for reaching people and encourages them to be their authentic selves. His journey has allowed him the opportunity to host celebrity events for Jamie Foxx, Wyclef Jean, Ky-Mani Marly, Denzel Washington, and many more. His authentic approach to connecting people is infectious. Rutherford’s clients have ranged from high-profile figures and high-net-worth individuals to nonprofit charities. His favorite events are corporate galas, conferences, and social gatherings. He demonstrates an innate understanding in producing an event that elevates the idea of the client and exceeds their expectations. Rutherford has overall operational responsibility for all Debonair Corporate Events and also leads its marketing and business development initiatives.  

Recent Clients & Partners

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