Virtual & Hybrid Events


Virtual events connect your audience online using video conferencing and other technologies rather than in-person.  These events have many of the same elements as in-person events, like speakers and entertainment.  The core purpose of a virtual event is consistent to in-person events: you want your audience to engage with the event's goals and share unforgettable moments.

Virtual events are more than a substitute for in-person events - in some instances, a virtual event may be the preferred method of connecting with your audience.  If your attendees live in various cities, a virtual event is an ideal solution to ensure the highest participation rate. Virtual events are also cost-effective, because there aren't venue rentals or food costs.

There are many tools available to host your virtual events - social media platforms, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and many more.  All of these tools offer different features and functionality - let us help you find the right fit for your needs.


Hybrid events have virtual experiences incorporated into in-person events.  These experiences can include live streaming, mini-webinars, or invitation-only access to online content.  Combining in-person and virtual elements in events can create a completely unique experience for your audience.