The coronavirus pandemic has changed society and corporate event planning for the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that you still cannot plan corporate events. It just means you need to get a bit creative on how you host the events. Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are several different great ideas for preparing for upcoming corporate events this spring and summer.

Tip #1: Consider the Size of the Event

Crowd density should be a top priority. You will need to limit the number of people you can invite to the event. As such, you may need to host more than one event once things start returning to normal while still practicing good social distancing habits.

Tip #2: Consider the Movement of People at the Event

Movements will need to be controlled and regulated to keep people spaced appropriately apart. If you are planning a dinner event, make sure tables are spaced far apart to keep people from being over-crowded.

Tip #3: Market Your Event with a Limited-Edition Face Covering

Face coverings are being recommended to wear when in public spaces. You could design and create a face covering based on the event, your brand, product, corporate logo and more. You could even come up with one that is unique and stands out that people will want to wear.

Tip #4: Consider Virtual Events for Product Launches

If you have a new product launch coming up, you could send a product sample to each guest and then host the event virtually via an appropriate provider. During the event, your guests would still have access to try out the product while you describe it and share relevant details.

Tip #5: Use an Event App for Communicating During Events

Event apps are a great tool for communicating and interacting with each other during events to maintain safe social distances.

Tip #6: Pass Out Hand Sanitizers as an Event Gift

Another marketing tool you can use is to place your branding label on small bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizer you pass out at the event.

Tip #7: Turn the Event into a Costume Party with Face Masks

To help encourage people to cover their faces, you could host a costume party and require everyone to wear a face mask as part of their costume.

Tip #8: Keep Events Localized

While you normally have guests coming from all over, right now, limiting travel is encouraged. As such, make sure upcoming events are kept local.

Tip #9: Reschedule the Event for This Fall

If your event can wait, consider putting it off until late summer or even this fall when things should be improved greatly.

Tip #10: Use Social Media for Event Teasers and Announcements

Tap into social media and use it to promote your event, product releases, or other announcements. You can offer a teaser and then host a virtual event later to get people to attend.

We hope these tips help give you some ideas about hosting corporate events this spring and summer. For corporate event planning help and assistance, please feel free to contact Debonair Corporate Events at today!

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