To help generate excitement about your next corporate event, improve attendance, and increase attendee engagement, then you need to utilize one or more event technology trends. These latest trends improve attendance and productivity. They also help to streamline your event planning and execution with help from your Toronto corporate event planner.

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Event Tech Tend #1: Projection Mapping

Wanting to leave a lasting impression, projection mapping will keep them talking when transforming regular objects in new 3D animated images. Unlike traditional 2D projections that require a flat surface and dimly lit room, projection mapping can be used on just about any surface to create an exciting and interactive display.

Event Tech Trend #2: Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is for more than just unlocking your smartphone. This technology is already being used at sporting events, music festivals, and concerts and offers these benefits and more:

  • Gauge attendee engagement to get real-time feedback about how your guests feel about your corporate event.
  • Speed up the check-in process using facial recognition. You no longer need to have tables set up to check people into your event because they can check themselves in using a facial recognition kiosk. You can even connect the kiosk to a printer and have it print name badges for your guests too.
  • Create an interactive and fun photo booth for your event. You can set up a facial recognition photo booth where your guests can take pictures, tag themselves and share on social media.

Event Tech #3: Event Apps

Event apps are becoming an essential part of planning corporate events to provide new opportunities for lead generation, attendee interaction, and more. You can use them to interact with live entertainers, play games, and more. You could even use the app for future event announcements, silent auctions, and more.

Most event apps can be customized to fit your specific needs to focus on the event, branding, or new product releases. Apps will get your guests more involved and feel like they are a part of the event, rather than just standing on the sidelines.

Event Tech #4: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Both AR and VR and becoming highly popular as “must-haves” at corporate events. AR allows guests to interact with their surroundings through their smartphones. AR is great for scavenger hunts, AR photos, and generating leads. VR allows guests to step inside a virtual world. You could use VR to promote a new product and give guests a “hands-on” VR experience.

As you can see event technologies are transforming the corporate event landscape. Don’t be left behind and stuck in the “dark ages” of corporate events. Get help with implementing these top trendy technologies into your next corporate event with help from Debonair Corporate Events.

Contact us at or schedule a consultation appointment today! By including technology in your event, your guests will be talking about your event long after it is over!

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