Today, it can be more difficult to get noticed among a sea of competitors. You need to do something that gets the attention of your customers. This is why businesses are turning to experiential marketing events.

Toronto Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing events engage customers in live, immersive, and memorable experiences that deliver messaging and branding in fun, interactive, and exciting ways. Experiential marketing is also called event marketing and live marketing. The objective, regardless of what you call it, is to get customers engaged in experiences relating to your products, brands, and/or services.

The Difference Between Regular Events and Experiential Marketing Events

Have you ever been to an event where you find yourself sitting there just waiting for it to be over? Or you try to come up with an excuse so you can leave early? If you answered yes, then it was not the event that was the issue but the experience. The experience is what is remembered long after the event.

Regular events can leave people with so-so and not-so-great experiences where they don’t want to return to future events. This can be a big problem for businesses, especially if they are active in tradeshows, conferences, and other such types of annual events.

With experiential marketing events, however, things are entirely different. Guests are encouraged to participate in some manner. The event itself is more of an experience. It creates interactions between guests and the business in real-life settings. Guests can get hands-on and out of their seats rather than just watching presentations or listening to lectures.

Experiential marketing events are also focused on the type of event, such as a tradeshow, festival, conference, etc. The type of interactions planned will depend on the event venue and how the business wants to encourage interactions.

Why Does Using Experiential Marketing Matter?

Ask yourself, if you were at an event that had you engaged with others and hands-on experiences that were awesome, wouldn’t you want to share this on social media? Many people do. They will take pictures and videos and share these on social media. Not only do the attendees get to have a great experience, but it also gains exposure for the business with their guests’ followers which further can help generate leads and sales.

How to Plan an Experiential Marketing Event

When planning an event, you will want to consider how you can transform it into an experiential event. Some businesses use tie-ins to cross-promote products, brands, services, etc. with the event. For instance, your event could be part of a larger experiential marketing campaign, like a new product launch or grand opening. You could develop a hashtag for the event and use social media to promote the event. You could even have mini pop-ups leading up to the main event.

What Exactly Is an Experiential Marketing Event?

To give you an idea of an experiential marketing event, Refinery29 has been hosting their 29Rooms annually since 2015. This experiential event features 29 different branded and themed rooms with sensory and interactive experiences all connected to their central theme of creating a multi-sensory experience.

While you don’t have to go to this level to create a memorable experiential experience, it does demonstrate the flexibility and freedom of creativity you can use when planning your experiential event.

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