Technology for most industries is constantly changing however the events industry has seen more change in the past 8 month than they have seen in the past 10 years. It is no surprise that the industry needed to adjust quickly with the cancellation of most in-person events. There have been some major changes to what event planners can now offer their clients with the change in technology. Most of us have experienced Zoom in some form over the past 8 months but there’s so much more. Planning corporate events in a virtual environment is significantly different from an in person event. The use of technology provides solutions for problems the industry didn’t anticipate for.

Virtual event platforms testing is now standard operating procedure for the event planning team. The more I engage in software demonstrations, the more I am able to appreciate the uniqueness of each platform and how each one can be optimized for best results. I have also seen many similarities among these products, as each company is doing their best to capture components of in person events. Below are the top event technology trends I am seeing that will last beyond 2020. 

Live Streaming 

Live streaming is another great way companies are expanding their reach. Brands are streaming their events and capturing a global audience while reducing their costs and environmental footprint. This provides a unique experience for attendees communicating in many time zones and languages and fostering new relationships. This has also benefited companies with their employee training and recognition programs. Another benefit for live streaming is you have the ability to repurpose the content in many different ways including on demand.

Event planners have now incorporated gamification in almost all events to keep their audiences engaged. One of my favourites forms of gamification is collecting points for attending sessions, chatting, and questions, and using these points to purchase swag in a virtual swag store. After purchasing these items it will be shipped to the address of your choice. This kind of enhancement undoubtedly maximizes interaction and makes the most of any size event.


We all love a friendly competition with our peers!

These days most virtual events are attracting a significantly larger audience than in an person event. This is largely because there are no travel restrictions to attend a virtual event. This is a great opportunity for companies and brands to broaden their reach, their brand awareness and sales potential.

Live Translation

As long as you have internet connection, events can be hosted anywhere

Growth in live translations allows greater accessibility to brand messaging. This is a great way to show that your company values inclusivity in recognizing diverse audiences as well. 

Artificial Intelligence

This is not a new trend however AI continues to improve, and the events world is benefiting from it. When attending events, you have the option to fill out key pieces of information about yourself during registration. With AI, it automated system does the rest. There are some great matchmaking features that will recommend people you could engage with based on your interests, channels you subscribe to, sessions you attend, subject discipline and so much more. 

In addition to these event technology trends, there are also other techniques used to increase audience engagement for your perfect virtual event. Having the right team to help curate features best suited for your upcoming event.

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