TCBN is incredibly pleased with the outcome of our inaugural Building Diversity Awards. Over 400 (20% more than anticipated) people tuned in to experience this galvanizing moment. Our event management company, Debonair Corporate Events was instrumental in ensuring its success by working behind the scenes to bring the different elements together. The event showcased our vision for a yearly gala that brings community together with the construction industry to recognize individuals and organizations that are taking major steps to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the sector. Debonair produced the event live from a studio and delivered it virtually using a highly engaging platform that provided plenty of opportunities for guests to network and showcase our members, partners and sponsors. Dwayne Rutherford and his team played key roles in the design, finance, marketing, logistics of the event. They secured nominations, sponsorships, location and event platform, speakers and entertainment. They worked cohesively with our internal staff to ensure smooth communications and timely project management of the event. All this was done in the context of a pandemic during extended lockdowns. Major decisions had to be made to reflect the changing realities on the ground and this team was flexible and adaptable. I highly recommend Debonair Corporate Events and will use their services year over year for this any other major event we organize.

Rosemarie Powell - Toronto Community Benefits Network

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