Consumers tend to favor businesses that help protect the environment and have eco-friendly practices. One way to entice new leads and keep existing customer satisfaction high when planning corporate events is to include eco-friendly aspects into the event.

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Even if the event isn’t open to the public, you can still promote the eco-friendliness of the event through social media, live streaming, or other such methods to let your customers and local community know you care.

Tip #1: Choose In Season Live Plants and Flowers

Adding some natural greenery and colour at your event is a great way to brighten it up. Instead of using “fake” plastic plants or cut flower bouquets, use actual live plants and flowers. At the end of the event, you can let your attendees take home the plants and flowers they can add to their flower garden or add some greenery indoors.

Tip #2: Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue

What better way to set the tone for your eco-friendly corporate event than by choosing a stunning outdoor location. There are nature preserves, botanical gardens, parks, and other such locations that host corporate events.

Choosing a natural setting also reduces the need for artificial décor and decorations. If you require an indoor location, consider art galleries, museums, or other green-friendly indoor spaces.

Tip #3: Choose Local Vendors

When selecting vendors for your event such as caterers, corporate event planners, entertainers, and so on, make sure to source locally. Support local businesses helps cut down on emissions and at the same time supports the local economy.

Tip #4: Give Out Eco-Friendly Swag

If you are passing out swag bags at your event, go eco-friendly. Place items in a reusable bag. Make sure items are in recycled paper packages. Better yet, skip all the swag and give out various seeds, dirt, and pots, so guests can grow their own herb or vegetable gardens at home.

Tip #5: Go Solar

Try to host your event during the day to take advantage of natural sunlight. If a nighttime event is necessary, use LED lighting. You could even look into renting solar panels to charge up batteries to provide the electricity you need for your nighttime event.

Tip #6: Insist on Recycled Materials

If you print announcements, brochures, or pamphlets for your event, make sure they are printed on recycled paper. You could skip printing altogether and create an event app instead to share information or go social and use your favourite social media site.

Tip #7: Go Cloth and Glass

If you are serving food at your event, use cloth napkins, glassware, ceramic or glass dinnerware, and silverware. Each of these things can be washed and reused which is better for the environment.

It is easy to plan and execute a successful eco-friendly corporate event in Toronto and the GTA with help from Debonair Corporate Events. Contact us at or schedule a consultation appointment today!

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