Vendor Highlight – Kevin Hamdan

For this week’s blog post, The Debonair Team decided to turn our focus to highlighting some of the vendors that we have partnered with. These people and companies have consistently helped us achieve event excellence over the years and we feel that it is important to showcase  their skills and talents. As a corporate events company , we have built a strong team of reliable vendors that specialize in various event assets such as entertainment, food, beverage, decoration and so much more. There are so many details needed to create a successful event that having reliable vendors that will always deliver to complete all of our event goals is something that we  place of utmost importance in at Debonair.  This week we will be highlighting Kevin Hamdan, one of our exciting and awe inspiring entertainment vendors. Let’s get started!

Kevin Hamdan is officially titled a ‘Mentalist and Psychological Illusionist’. He has been working within the magic and entertainment industry since the young age of 6 when his father first peaked his interest. This moment propelled Kevin into a lifelong journey of perfecting the art of magic. Pairing his magic skills with his ability to connect with his audiences through humour and conversation, Kevin has become one of Toronto’s biggest magic performers. His popularity is rapidly growing through social media as well. 

When understanding Kevin’s style of magic, his goal is to make his audience members feel that he is in their head, identifying all of their thoughts and ideas. He does this by guessing audience member’s answers to various questions, correctly identifying a person’s birth sign and so on. During one of our past events, Kevin performed and created electric energy amongst the company retreat crowd. At one point, he asked audience members to correctly pick which bag to slam his hand down on with a single sharp spike in one of these bags. As someone working the event, I was on the edge of my seat as well!

Kevin has been an amazing connection working with Debonair for both in person and online events. . We found him through his strong social media presence and knew that we’d have to work together. He has now become one of our go-to entertainment vendors in the industry. Whenever we work with Kevin, we know that our audiences will leave with a story to tell their friends and family. 

Over the life of Debonair Corporate Events, our team has perfected a list of notable, trustworthy vendors of all different types that we can always rely on to deliver perfect experiences to all of our clients and their attendees. Whether it’s the perfect decorations for your gala, a delicious dinner menu for your company work retreat, or exhilarating entertainment like our friend Kevin, we always push to create something unique that suits our client’s needs. If you have any event questions Debonair is always here to answer. Please follow Kevin Hamdan on Instagram @kevinhamden to have your mind BLOWN.